Tail Saver Perches

I have designed my perches to be ordered in a modular fashion. Before ordering one to build, you will select a perch body style and a perch base style, along with any desired accessories to create a custom perch that will meet your preferences.

There are two available metal materials that I craft these perches from, and each has some advantages and disadvantages:

Mild Carbon SteelThe main advantage over the other material is it's low cost. This type of metal will rust almost instantly when exposed to moisture and oxygen, but this can be mitigated by painting it. Even without painting or other protective treatments, a perch made from mild carbon steel will last for many years. Just how long it will last depends on the elements that it is exposed to, but even in very wet conditions untreated mild carbon steel will hold up for 20 years. One thing to bear in mind however, is that even though the rusty metal is still strong it will leave difficult to remove stains on nearly everything it touches (carpet, the dog, clothes, etc).
304L Stainless SteelThis is a special alloy of steel that has the same weight and strength of mild carbon steel, but is very resistant to rusting. It will still rust, and will still stain, but at a dramatically reduced rate. It is however much more expensive than carbon steel and requires more expensive tools to work. Unless you will regularly be exposing your perch to highly corrosive environments, like salt water, this alloy should be maintenance free for many decades. If you will be regularly exposing your perch to highly corrosive environments, I can build one from marine grade stainless steel as a custom order.

Because I make each perch individually, I can also add custom alterations. Custom work will modify the price, and we will discuss those details when you place your order.

The prices on the following page are quotes for the particular component being discussed in each section. Even though each of the perch bodies pictured includes a base, the base component is not included in the price listed for the perch body.

Perch Models
Female black goshawk on a low tail saver perch

Lady, a female black goshawk, on a low tail saver perch made from 304 stainless with removable bar feet and synthetic bark.